6 Weekly Car Rentals Under $100 to Consider Soon

Weekly Car Rentals Under $100

Rentacarguide.me – One of filling needs may be picking weekly car rentals under $100. However, you cannot always expect to get your wanted car. Though there may be some options available to choose from, but it would be better if you read our article about the most affordable car rentals you can pay under $100 every week.

Either a long-term or short-term rental car, make sure you can finally make the best deal. No worry! There will be some different types of vehicles available for your convenience.

Consider the following weekly car rentals as follows:

Weekly Car Rentals Under $100

Weekly Car Rentals Under $100


Enterprise is the first car rental you can visit at firs if you want to get the most affordable rent price. Believe it or not, Enterprise lets you pay for $50 a day for the vehicle you use. There are up to 6000 Enterprise branches available to go. Just make a wish that this agency stays in your town.

Enterprise provides some options with the different monthly fee. Either for the long-term or short-term car rental you will take, the fee will include maintenance and insurance.

Alamo Car Rental

Alamo Car Rental offers more affordable rental price than Enterprise. If you can pay the rent $50 a day in Enterprise, you can pay this one at $42 only. Moreover, if you are a loyal customer, you’ll be offered 5% discount along with a day free.

Alamo Car Rental has fast and up-to-date response, so that, you can get help anytime.

SIXT Rentals

Other weekly car rentals under $100 to consider whenever you need to rent a car affordably is SIXT Rentals. Strategically, it opens branch offices in major cities so everyone can easily find them. With SIXT Rentals, you can rent a car from train stations, hotels, airports and even from cruise port.

There are large selections offered. That’s why it is very competitive. Moreover, the customer service is very exceptional allowing you to return repeatedly.

National Rental Services

There are many different types of cars available in National Rental Services. The main purpose of this car rental is to provide the business travelers with the convenience and ease to move from one place to another for their business trips. It is even unbelievable that this car rental has a five-star rating and brags for the best customer services.

National Rental Services allow for leasing the car either at a weekly or monthly rate depending on how long you will rent the car. It offers more convenient service whenever you need a weekly car rental. Interestingly, a reward will also be granted for loyal customers.

Thrifty Car Rental

Established in 1958, Thrifty Car Rental stays competitive in car rental businesses today. Like many other car rentals, it also offers many different car options to ideally meet your need for businesses. This rental car has offices spread in 99 countries with more than 1300 branch offices.

The main requirement is that your age must be 25 years old and above. Sedans, SUVs, minivans and other vehicle types will serve you with the best satisfaction. Most importantly, the affordable prices make this car rental a good option for a long-term use.

Advantage Car Rental

The last but not the least car rental option might be Advantage Car Rental which is one of the biggest car rentals in the United States. This car rental offers not only comfort but also safety for travelling. It also comes with fast pick-up and drop-off services for those who live in Florida.

Access the website and you will get all information about how to rent car hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Meanwhile, the vehicle options are available to choose to meet your transporting needs, ranging from trucks to cargo vans.

So, consider these weekly car rentals under $100 for sure right now.

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